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We contribute to a world where emotionally strong individuals make a difference and provide change that lasts.



Amazing Me

Self-leadership for resilience and strength

Coaching online, a human meeting on digital platform. A powerful coaching program focusing on self-leadership in uncertainty and change to build resilience and strength.

Amazing Leader

Individual coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool for personal development. It provides the opportunity to develop your way of thinking and acting in new ways.

Amazing Team

Team development

High-performing teams have high productivity and positivity in collaboration, leading to sustainable results.

Amazing Employees


Self-leadership - Development of self-leadership is what will distinguish average performance from top-performing companies. Employees who engage are the key to success.

Amazing Leadership Program

Leadership program

If you want better results, stronger relationships and increased sustainability of your leaders, then EQ based leadership program is the right choice!

Amazing Women Program

Leadership program for women

An EQ based leadership program with its own mentor and coach aimed at getting more women into higher positions in society and business.

Amazing Change

Culture and change management

It takes growth mindset and trust in the organization to dare to change and develop in a new direction. We work with the concept empty, equip, act to make it happen.

Amazing Career

Career Coaching

An exclusive career change program for leaders offering a customized design with personal touch and very high quality.