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If you want to achieve better results, stronger relationships and increased sustainability in your leaders, then choose an EQ based leadership program.

It has never been more complex and challenging to be a leader than today, working in constant change as well as economic and political instability. To meet today’s challenges and build a competitive leadership culture, we need leaders who are grounded in themselves, with the ability to lead themselves and others effectively. It takes courage and training to succeed.

Our programs build confidence, courage and transformation, for the individual as well as for the organization. They are based on research on leadership and emotional intelligence. We help companies and organizations to implement the leadership culture you want to establish. Our programs are much more than just theory, and tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Using discovery based learning we support learning and engagement which the leader can apply and practice on the job, each day.

Action and results

  • Confidence in your strengths as a leader
  • Ability to lead yourself in a sustainable and effective way
  • Ability to lead other with clarity, empathy and in partnership
  • Increased innovative ability in the leadership role
  • Improved collaboration across borders in the organization
  • The goal is to create sustainable results for the individual, the team and the organization Together with your leaders we make it happen.


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Amazing Leaders’ programs are built in modules and tailored to your needs. To create lasting results we mix workshops, individual coaching, simple tools, training at home as well as a digital support tool – we call it digilog processes.

Our consultants are senior consultants with own leadership experience and are certified in relevant theories and methods used during the programs.

The fact that the best leaders are those that know themselves the best might not be a secret truth, but after participating in the Amazing Leadership Program that truth has got real meaning to me. Now I am convinced that self-leadership is the most important platform for not just managers, but for everyone. The program has brought me new insights and raised many new thoughts and I have had to challenge myself, show courage and feel proud. I’ve taken a lot with me from these days, not the least all the important contacts with other leaders who share my journey and will lead themselves and others to success.