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Amazing employees – Self-leadership

You want to enable all employees to create great results, build stronger relationships and a sustainable performance. Create a stronger organization at all levels. To get there, skills and abilities must be developed for all employees.

To meet the market challenges of today and the future, a different competence is required. Analytical abilities and hard skills are perceived as hygiene factors, while personal accountability and development of the self-leadership are abilities that differentiate average performing companies from high performing ones. To enable your employees to develop their emotional intelligence is not just a competitive advantage, it’s a matter of surviving in a more complex world.

As an employee it can be crucial to develop the abilities which make you understand more about yourself and thus also understand others better. Mastering the ability to collaborate effectively with others and achieve long lasting results. With greater demands on self-leadership, being accountable for your job is as important for employees as it is for leaders. We believe in supporting the entire organization for a sound and successful working life.

Actions and results

Our programs are tailored to cater to the needs of our clients, and developed in partnership. The starting point is often to build emotional intelligence with the objective of creating sustainable results. We have three perspectives:

  • The ability to lead yourself
  • The ability to build strong relationships
  • The ability to see possibilities and contribute to change

During the program we focus on creating an understanding of EQ and the ability to use it, to strengthen the self-awareness and the self-leadership. We develop the personal effectiveness to simplify prioritization and increase job confidence. We develop the ability to create strong relationships, both externally as well as internally. The participant gets an increased understanding of different personality types with the objective to improve the communications skills.

We also work with a general focus on well-being and increased tolerance to stress, to manage challenges and change, increase self-trust and create a sustainable performance.

A program is built in modules and tailored to your needs. Its duration varies from four months up to a year, depending on the needs of our clients. In between group sessions, participant work on their own assignments, individually or in smaller groups, or with a coach.

We work with discovery-based training, all our consultants are senior consultants with own leadership experience and are certified in relevant theories and methods used during the programs.


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