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Amazing change – Culture and change management

Change is the new constant

In change, self-leadership is central - I must be able to lead myself in order to be able to lead others through change, but what happens in change with me and others - how can I be a confident role model and optimistic driver of change?

I will need to have tools - common language and models - to use and drive change and continue to develop. In this way we create a common ground on what culture is needed to meet the future!

The change concept


It's about reflecting on challenges now, successes so far, emptying out and replenishing with new inspiration. It is about capturing concerns, normalizing change, gaining consensus and creating collaboration in change.


It's about equipping yourself with a Growth Mindset and new tools to strengthen yourself and the group to take the next step. To be able to see and understand what we have and need to move forward.


Describes the meeting with employees and the organization. What role do you have as a change leader? What do you want to convey to your team and our customers? What do you do tomorrow to drive our development both in projects and internally in the organization?

Our programs build security and transformation, for individuals and organizations. They are based on research on leadership and emotional intelligence. We help companies and organizations to realize the leadership culture they want to build.

Our programs are more than just theory, they are personally designed and build the participants' self-leadership. With experience-based learning, we create knowledge and commitment that the leader can easily practice in his or her everyday life.

What our customers say about the value of the program

  • "How important it is to have a day like this for us to have a modern leadership and thereby a successful company."
  • "To bring everyone from the visionary to the concrete, to go from insight to action with our new ideas"
  • "The importance of being able to empty out what we have learnt from previous change initiatives in order to work with the future to come with new strength. I like the tools to create energy going forward with my team"
  • "That change begins with my own attitude."
  • "The reasoning around the" Green Lens "and the exercise where we were able to specify characteristics that we appreciate in our role models."
  • “Concrete things that develop my leadership. Feels good!"
  • "Growth Mindset, new tools, energy and new ideas!"