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Amazing career– Outplacement coaching

An exclusive career change program for leaders offering a customized design with personal touch and very high quality. As a client, you feel selected.

The general purpose of career change is to improve performance, increase motivation and help a person to a new job.

The purpose of the program is to support the individual to process the situation, find their strength and turn their eyes forward. The goal is to become active in the labor market again as soon as possible. The program is an individual process that is designed in the way that adds the most value based on the starting position and objectives.

We work with tools supporting to:

  • Make a CV
  • Create a personal letter
  • Identifies recruitment consultants and search contacts
  • Work effectively with LinkedIn
  • Mapping the labor market
  • Reflect on the situation that arises
  • Become aware of your behavior (DiSC)
  • Highlight your personal qualities
  • Identify your personal brand
  • Strengthen as an individual
  • Mapping communication channels and paths
  • Mapping your own networks
  • Call Training
  • Interview Training
  • Rhetorical training

Action and results

We examine the current situation and do a survey of the person's overall life situation. We provide the person with a support of templates and checklists, as aids throughout the process, eg schedule and activity schedule. You also get individual templates for; CV, cover letter, script for outreach phone calls, job application, summary of strengths and driving forces during the career before interviews and calls.

The program lasts for six months and can be switched to traditional coaching, if the person receives a new assignment during the program.

You get a clear picture of yourself, your strengths and driving forces, a well-formulated CV and personal letter. An updated and effective LinkedIn profile, an expanded network with a deeper understanding of the labor market conditions and most likely a new assignment.

All are offered a senior coach with extensive experience in career change. We have long experience with large contact networks and are good at supporting individuals in the process with the goal of quickly becoming active in the labor market again. The coach is certified according to ICF (international coach federation).

Some important tips from previous clients

  • It is important to set a clear and realistic goal with the search process
  • Make sure that the action plan (to reach the goal) is broken down by month, week and day
  • Do something offensive every day that brings you closer to your goal
  • Quantity is as important as quality in everything you do ie. create many leads
  • Contact many recruiters and prepare carefully for the meetings
  • It often takes longer than you want

Amazing Leaders coaching has been amazingly good and increased my aware of myself and how I am as a person and manager. With insights, I have much better understanding how I can extend my leadership further.