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Amazing Me - Self-leadership for resilience and strength

Coaching online, a human meeting on digital platform.

A powerful coaching program focusing on self-leadership in a time of uncertainty and change to be resilient and build strength. You, like many others, are a real everyday hero right now, both at work and at home. Think about how quickly we adjusted to lead ourselves and work in a partially new way. We truly believe in the strength of the human encounter, especially in challenging times like now. Right now, many leaders need support in gathering their thoughts, creating clarity, feeling calm, and finding the power of direction moving forward. We offer a digilog coach package to bridge this time of uncertainty in change.

You will receive a digital learning platform containing:

The package includes:

  • Four virtual coaching sessions of 45-60 minutes with a PPC-certified coach with long experience in leadership support. We are based on the ICF's core capabilities and ethical guidelines.
  • Digital platform with direct contact with the coach and resource library etc.
  • Simple digital booking system & administration managed by Amazing Leaders
  • The first coach meeting with the client can take place within 24 hours
  • Two 30-minute webinars
  • Understand their brain and use their capacity in the best possible way - self-leadership
  • Handle and communicate in uncertainty
  • Specific plan of action to be followed up

Cost: SEK 12,500 ex VAT / package and person


Our coaching programs are based on the research on emotional intelligence, EQ. The content is tailored to your and your company's needs and goals. In support of the development, Amazing Leaders has a well-tested coaching process, we jointly create a clear goal picture where both you, your coach and manager are involved.

We offer a coach arrangement as a point effort to:


Manage feelings of anxiety and stress and reactions that arise.


Strengthen self-leadership, find commitment, a healthy attitude, develop resilience and strength to create action with the support of simple tools.


Meeting and leading others in uncertain times, focusing on what can be affected, creating security and managing uncertainty in their organization.


Create clarity to be able to focus here and now and find the power of the direction ahead.


I have gained new perspectives, calm and insight. I now have what I need to deal with my challenges. I recommend Amazing Leaders for their long and solid experience of individual coaching.

Birgitta Zommarin
Head of Technology Financing & Loans, SEB