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Amazing Leader – Executive Coaching

Individual coach program with EQ as a platform, to develop unrealized strengths and bring out resources from within yourself.

To be able to turn your vision, both professionally as well as privately, into real results, your need the ability to lead yourself and others. It starts with your personal leadership and it’s your strengths that will take you towards your goals. The coach supports you in developing the areas you have yet to discover, and helps you deal with the obstacles that might hinder you and your ambitions in your leadership role.

It’s about how to use the full scope of your personality to create good relationships, drive and manage change in an effective way. The coach is a partner who supports you in being successful in an effective and sustainable way.

Here are some examples of areas you can work with in our programs

  • Strengthen your self-leadership, develop in your leadership role and in communicating with others
  • Individual leadership development
  • Develop your self-leadership with the objectives to support, inspire and lead others
  • Develop your communications skills
  • Identify a clear direction for your next career step
  • Prioritize, find more structure and set clear work processes
  • Strengthen your self-confidence, establish trust and self esteem
  • Develop to support, inspire and take on a greater responsibility as a leader
  • Develop more work/life balance
  • Develop your emotional abilities
  • Strengthen your professional profile
  • Manage stress
  • Have an external sounding board for general leadership matters, as well as organizational or personnel issues

Our coach programs are built on scientific research on Emotional intelligence, EQ. The content is tailored to your and your organization’s needs and objectives. As development support, Amazing Leaders use a well proven coach process. We create clear targets for the program, where both you, your coach and your manager participate and align expectations. We offer a 360-survey to measure your EQ abilities. The survey can be mapped to your company’s employee engagement survey or your company’s values. 

Results are shared and the development journey starts. We also measure the progress made during the program. All our coaches are senior ICF-certfied coaches (ICF, International Coach Federation).

Interested? Do you want to know more? Get in touch with us at Amazing Leaders by writing to us at or call one of us.