SEB IT is one of many customers who nominated participants for the Amazing Women Program. The program which sprang from the initiative, Golden Rules of Leadership, was started by Hillary Clinton with the global intention to get more women into leadership positions. The initiative aims to increase the number of women who are leaders and entrepreneurs in an active and conscious way in order to take more space in decision-making fora and to take up leading positions in business and society.

For SEB IT, it is important to highlight women who are role models in the organization and to make women visible to the opportunity of higher positions. Within the framework of the program, SEB IT assists with mentors to the nominated participants. In this way, new contacts are created internally in the company between adept and mentor.


The participant develops self-leadership and creates an understanding and confidence in how to relate to oneself, to others and to the business. The focus is partly on developing the ability to lead oneself to where you want to go and how to do this with a good balance in life. The program also builds the ability to inspire and engage others and create momentum to achieve set goals in a changing world, and how to creates sustainable results.

The program is five full days, including a coach and a mentor for each participant. After completing the program, you become part of the Amazing Leadership Network of talented female leaders.


The program has received 4.7 out of 5 on average, and 100% of participants respond that they recommend the program to others. Since 2014, we have trained 150 women who now support each other in the leadership network.

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