Background & Context

The Management Team had been in flux during 2015, lacking both a common agenda and a sense of being ONE team. This was emphasized by a high portion of new team members coming into the team during the year, making the bonding process more challenging.
As the team had been very focused on delivering on a number of critical priorities the emphasis was on the ”what”, rather than the ”how”.
The entire Management Team, including leaders and team members, were predominantly working in silos and not acting as ONE team

The Management Team, led by the leader partnered with Amazing Leaders to develop and deliver a 9 month journey that would enable high performance, defined as:
Move from high performing individuals; to a high performing team
Having clarity on purpose, well defined rules of engagement, and establish high levels of trust and collaboration in the team
Implementing ways of working and a cadence that effectively balance what needs to be achieved with how the team will work together.


Upfront Team Assessment (TDA) measuring productivity and positivity in the team, to diagnose current state and to guide the team development plan. Re-assessment (TDA) post journey (nov-16), to show results and progress towards Team KPIs.
The process included a number of workshops, interspersed with team coaching during actual executive meetings to support implementation of actions and follow up on progression towards goal achievement.

In parallel to the team development program, the manager of the team developed her own leadership skills and emotional intelligence through an executive coaching program to enable her to be a efficient team leader.

The Result

  • Leadership effectiveness improved by 37.14%  for the leaders and her direct reports
  • Employee survey for Management Team increased by 15%
  • Feedback and development improved by 44%
  • Empowerment and accountability improved by 26%
  • The Management Team improved productivity by 11% and positivity by 8% in 6 months

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