Amazing Leaders started working with adidas in 2012 and have since developed our managers. In 2016, adidas decided to invest in a leadership program that would bring the 'Creating the New' strategy to fruition. Based on adidas values of creativity, collaboration and confidence, we created the leadership program 'The Core'.

“2016 was an exceptional year for adidas. We have improved the desirability of our brands and products around the globe with a net income of more than € 1 billion for the first time in the history of our company. These results are proof positive that our strategy ‘Creating the New’ is paying off,” said adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted.

The program started as a Nordic pilot and has since then been rolled out with participants from other parts of Europe.


With a strong belief that anyone can do whatever they set out to do, we wanted to create the optimal foundation to bring out the best in each leader, with the Core program. The program is based on three parts;

1. Implement the company's Creating the New strategy through its leadership.
2. Developing EQ, the emotional intelligence that research has shown is crucial for transformation to take place.

3. Take into account the whole person in the development through work with both brain and heart in the form of training and mindfulness exercises as part of the program. It is the people who together contribute to a successful company. In order to be your best self, you have to feel good and it is our belief that in order to feel good you have to exercise, eat and sleep properly in order to achieve a good balance between work and private life.


Adidas says that the leadership program "The Core" has had a positive impact on their entire culture. The leaders have developed self confidence and increased self-reliance which has affected the teams and their employees in the right direction. With increased confidence, leaders dare to make the right decision to lead a world that is constantly changing, which isn’t always easy. The personality has been allowed to grow in every leader, so that they flourish and develop the company in the right direction.

”The CORE” really helped us to get a number of benefits coming to life. The top three I would say is;
1. We have more speed in the organization now.
2. We have a better collaboration.
3. The guys take more confident decisions also in times when everything isn’t clear.”

Sven Moser  General Manager, Adidas Nordics

The Core was one of our best investments for last year, that’s for sure!

Sven Moser General Manager, Adidas Nordics

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