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Akademiska Hus is one of the country's largest property companies and is owned by the state. Together with universities and colleges, we want to strengthen Sweden as a nation of knowledge. The purpose of the training was to increase interaction and commitment to, during and after the training initiatives, for an increased and more sustainable effect of the training and communication efforts. The internal trainers have varying level of experience and competence as an educator, and the effort was developed to meet the needs of the different levels.


Through a training program for internal trainers, their skills were strengthened in adult pedagogy and the process based on Dr. Brinkerhoff's "High Performance Learning Journey”. The process and methodology includes a combination of individual and group-based learning, reflection, training and practical application. The training is built on a meta-level of learning, there the participants themselves use the learning techniques that they then have to apply in their own education and communication initiatives.

The training includes elements such as self-leadership, creating a red thread in educational efforts, and how to achieve motivation and participation in participants, and measures behavioral change and effect. The internal ones the coaches were given tools to better deal with engagement challenges participants and achieve the desired learning effect in their educational and communication efforts.

An important part of the training was also to let the participants use the new ones the knowledge and skills in practice by applying them to their own training efforts and collect feedback from learning partners and others stakeholders.


The effects and results of the training program are very positive. The participants gave high satisfaction ratings and felt that they had received tools such as they could use in their daily work. They felt that they had increased theirs knowledge and skills in adult pedagogy and that they mastered The “High Impact Performance Learning Journey” process. These new ones skills and methods have been put into practice by the participants having created and implemented training initiatives that promoted higher engagement and learning by the participants.

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