Amazing Women Program – Open Program

Leadership Program for Women

We offer all talented leaders who are women the opportunity to realize their own

potential, grow and develop in their leadership role with the ambition to advance in their

career as well as in society.

Amazing Women’s Program originates from the initiative “Golden Rules of Leadership” initiated by Hillary Clinton with the global intention to increase the number of women in leading positions. The objective is to enable more women leaders to actively step forward and be more present in decision making fora.

The Golden Rules of Leadership is founded on three principles:
Lift female role models
Visualize women in the organizations
Open-up and share networks

During the program, we aim to get participants to understand and use their EQ, emotional intelligence, to strengthen their self-awareness and their self-leadership. We focus on increasing the individual effectiveness to facilitate prioritization and become more confident in decision making. We develop an improved ability to develop good relationships both internally as well as externally. You get an increased understanding of different personality types with the objective of increasing communications skills.

We also work with a general focus on well-being and increased tolerance to stress, to manage challenges and change, increase self-trust and create a sustainable performance.

Actions and results

The participant develops the ability to:
• Develop the emotional intelligence for an effective leadership
• Self-leadership – increased self-awareness and self-leadership
• Lead as a woman– gender perspectives, challenges in leadership, networking, mentoring
• Lead others– develop the emotional abilities to lead others through engagement and accountability
• Lead with a vision– handle challenges, change and work with innovation and creativity
• Develop rethorics skills
• Share experiences and build relationships and networks for the future

The companies nominating participants to the program get the possibility to:
• Support the women who are leaders to develop their self-leadership and their professional network
• Visualize role models and internal mentors in the organization
• Support internal equality targets aiming to get more women into leading positions

Who can apply

This is an open program directed to women who are leaders or specialists with the ambition to advance in their career as well as in society. The program is held in Swedish.

How and when

Five days, four individual coaching sessions over the phone, your own mentor, EQ assessment plus an hour’s webinar.
The Autumn group starts:
October 17-18th and continues
November 16th
December 14th
January 18th
February 9 (9-10).

All participants become members in the Amazing Women Network.

Information leaflet

We are more than happy to send you some more information on The Amazing Women’s Program. Please push the button above and leave your contacts

Book a seat

Here is where you apply to the program >>


The companies who offer this opportunity to their women key players will invest 31.500 SEK per seat (VAT excluded). Food and drinks are included in the fee during the program days.
The application is binding and is valid from when you have sent it. The fee is invoiced after a telephone conversation with us, and is non-refundable. The seat can be taken by another participant given that the criteria for applying are fulfilled.


Once we have received your application, we will get in touch with you to welcome you, and give you some more information. After this call, the invoice is sent. The payment terms are 30 days’ net, and works as a confirmation of your attendance.


Amazing Leader’s conference rooms, Grevgatan 34, subway Östermalmstorg.

Quote from a former participant

”Now I know what I need to continue developing”, says one of the participants. Amazing Women develops your self-leadership with EQ as a platform, gives you access to a large network of other women in leading positions and gives you time to reflect and have fun”.

Grab the opportunity to create a sustainable leadership in your organization!