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Career Transition Program

An exclusive, high quality tailored career transition program with a personal touch, for

leaders. As a client you feel selected.

The purpose in general when offering a career transition is to improve performance, increase motivation and help a person find a new job assignment. The purpose of the program is to support the individual to grasp and manage the current situation, find inner strengths and start to look forward. The objective is to become active on the job market as soon as possible. The program is an individual process designed in a way to bring as much value as possible given the current situation and the objectives identified.

We work with tools that support in:

• Designing a personal resume, CV
• Write a personal letter
• Identify head hunters and recruitment consultants
• Work effectively with Linkedin
• Map the job market
• Reflect on the current situation and reasons behind it

• Become aware of your behaviors & personality traits (DiSC)
• Identify your personal brand
• Strengthen yourself as an individual
• Map communication channels and search strategies

• Map your own network
• Dialogue training
• Interview training
• Rethorics training

Actions and results

We analyze the current situation and make a summary inventory of the individual’s total life situation. We equip the individual with a toolbox of check lists and templates, to support throughout the entire journey, e g a time plan and an activity schedule. The person also gets templates such as CV’s, personal letters, a manuscript for screening telephone calls, job applications, a summary of strengths and motivating factors during the career, to prepare for interviews and dialogues.

The program runs for six months and can be transferred into a regular coaching program if the person finds a new assignment during the duration of the program.

You get a clear picture of yourself, your strengths and motivating factors, a formulated CV and a personal letter. An updated and effective Linkedin profile, an expanded network and a deeper understanding of the job markets conditions and most likely a new assignment.
All participating are offered a senior coach with great experience from career transitions. We have an extensive experience with a wide network and are experts in supporting individuals in the process with the objective of rapidly becoming active on the job market again. The Coach is certified according to the ICF standards (International Coach Federation).


Some important tips from earlier clients

• It’s important to set a clear and realistic objective for the search process
• Make sure that the action plan (to reach the objective) is broken down per month, week and day • Do something actionable every day taking you closer to your objective
• Quanity is just as important as quality in everything you do, i. e create a lot of leads
• Contact a lot of recruiters and prepare carefully before meetings
• It often takes longer than you want it to

Quote from a former client

”Nice and personal premises, very suitable for the purpose. A fantastic coach with a strong and trustworthy approach. Her strengths are many, e g. she is genuinely interested in listening, good at supporting and finding new perspectives, shows great integrity and an ability to make you feel good. A person to lean in at when it’s tough. That’s when you need your coach the most. Good to have meetings with tight frequency, extra important early in the processes when a lot is new and many thoughts arise.”

”Amazing Leaders’ coaching has been fantastic, and has helped me increase my self-awareness and my understanding of myself as a leader. With these insights, I have a much better understanding of how I can further develop my leadership.”

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